Saturday, October 2, 2010

My baby is now 4 years old!

Caleb chose to have doughnuts for his birthday breakfast! He likes the plan glazed doughnuts , but we compromised and got the variety pack. Look below at the happy doughnut eaters!
What do you get the kid who has everything he needs and wants...the same race trace that his cousin got last month for his birthday that you know Caleb already loves playing with. Thanks for the idea Lisa and MJ.

Caleb and I built the track after the kids left for school. Then he got to go through our cars and see which ones worked on his track. He had a fun time experimenting with that!
I'm not really a party planner so I called a few of Caleb's playmates and invited them to meet us for a play date at the park and brought cupcakes to share. Caleb thought this was great doing all the things he loves on his birthday. Sophie, Caleb favorite girlfriend and Taylor just hanging out.
Taylor and Colby, two peas in a pod.
Having fun on the slide.
"Look mom, I'm doing it (pumping back and forth!"
I'm glad kids aren't that picky about what something looks like, but rather the taste. These cupcakes looked good the night before when I frosted them in the pink Caleb chose, but in the morning the cones had softened and caved in. They didn't look good at all, but they tasted great if the kids eating them was any indication.
Cute little Matty came up to me and raised his frostingless cupcake as if to say, "I'm done with this one. Can I have another?"
I made a fruit pizza and we had it for dinner! I thought at least the fruit was good for them even if the crust is a cookie. It was YUMMY! I didn't have any complaints from the kids about not wanting to eat their dinner this night. Caleb, I hope you had a memorable, fun day! We love you and are glad that you are part of our family!

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