Saturday, October 2, 2010

August 2010: UVU Owls final game!

Our good friends, the cooks invited us to the owls game. Our last "hurray" before the start of school. The kids had a blast. The scary girl mascot!
They had a balloon clown and we waited in line way too long for K's pink clown and Z and C's swords that didn't last till the end of the game because they hit the grass too many times. This was kinda funny because the different parts would pop and then all the adults would try to say, " you still have such and such many parts left" to try to keep them from being sad.
Their prizes from the long line.
We didn't really come to watch the game. We came to roll down the awesome hill with our neighborhood ! :) The douglas' were there too. Friends are so much fun! We later watched the fireworks before calling it a night. Which were pretty impressive!

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