Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls Sunday walk!

It was so pretty up in the Provo canyon with the fall leaves changing a green world to one of color. We decided to take Allie along with us for a stroll on the bike path...she was content to come along. She loves riding in the van which still surprises me.
This picture just makes me laugh! Notice I'm the only one looking at the camera...even Allie is going along with picture protocol and not looking at the camera. This wasn't even a planned "don't look at the camera" picture.
Kirsten has really enjoyed having the responsibility of taking care of Allie this last couple of months. She loves to just go out in the backyard and play with Allie.
Zach loves to climb and he did just that with every tree he could.
Caleb...the go go go boy. He is always on the move exploring his surroundings and finding excitement out of every new experience.
I love this picture even if it is blurry. It really show them how they are...fun loving and happy!
Dad was trying to make the kids smile and was talking about "farting." I keep telling him talking about this body function openly is going to come back and haunt him someday. Why the kids think it is so funny every time, I'll never know.
We found a spot that wasn't too steep that led down to the water. We thought Allie would be more interested in the water...but she wasn't. She walked in the little streams leading up to the falls, but didn't venture in that far. We'll have to try it during the summer months and without the leash.
Of course, the kids had to go closer to see the river. Kirsten was a little more hesitant than the boys. We had to remind them to stay on the dirt shore and not venture out onto the rocks. Boys will be boys and I wouldn't want them any other way...most of the time.
Zach climbed up this tree and Caleb was right behind him. Kirsten didn't want to let go of the branch, but it was a good photo opportunity.

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The Cheatham Family said...

You took some fun pictures. I love going up in the canyon especially when the leaves start to turn colors.