Saturday, October 2, 2010

Corinne, Ethan and Sierra come for a visit!

We benefited when Uncle Spencer went on his annual hunting trip by getting a visit from my littlest sister, Corinne. Corinne, Ethan, and even Sierra got to stay on Friday through Monday with us. We had a blast with the play dough! It's funny how sometimes you forget what fun something is until you get it out again to play with.
Kirsten's creation. It looks like those troll dolls I played with as a kid.
Caleb had fun using the cutters.
Zach liked the tool where you can make the spaghetti strands. Here is the "hairy snake, named hairy" that he made.
We had lots of fun playing in the sand box, going to the park, feeding ducks and fish, and just hanging out. All too soon monday was here and it was time to say goodbye. Ethan was patiently or not so much waiting for his movie to start. It was a pleasant surprise that Sierra and allie got along so well. All was well as long as Sierra didn't go after Allie's balls. We'll have to do this again real soon! Spencer even got a hit while hunting with his bow and arrow. Now that is impressive. Good luck with getting that into the freezer Corinne!

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