Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caleb is 3 years old!

After Caleb opened his presents we hurried through our orange rolls for breakfast and he headed out to his "Chariot Wagon" to his siblings bus. He was all decked out in his armor, but decided the helmet and sword were less cumbersome. Our friends Aspen and Taylor joined in our caravan.
Then Dad brought the birthday boy back to his castle, where the fun continued.
We played out side with more of our friend Haylee and Josh joined us and brought some cool bubble straws that we tried out.
Then Caleb couldn't wait any longer,and had to delve into his birthday treats! He was a great sharer..."here's one for you Aspen."
When we play outside, we always attract more friends for more makes 5.(joshua is being held on the sidelines.) The kids were taking a break from bug collecting...mostly rollie pollies.
After awhile the kids wanted some real food so we went in for the all time favorite of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Taylor and Caleb were being silly and cute so we had to take some more pictures. Aspen thought this was hilarious!
Then time for more games and fun. We did stencils for a bit then played their favorite game...Hullabaloo.
When the older kids got home from school, Caleb shared his cupcakes with everyone and then tried out another birthday treat of candy necklace. It took him a little while to figure out how to bit off the candy rather than just suck on it and then let the sticky remnants fall back onto his neck...yuck!
Caleb had one more present to close out the day. Grandma stitt sent this magnet shapes kit that had patterns for making pictures. Caleb's favorite was the train of course. Thank you everyone for celebrating with us and for all the birthday calls. What a fun filled day!

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