Monday, September 7, 2009

Our weekend getaway!

Aunt Aubrey moved to a new place that is closer to us and has a pool. We took advantage of her offer and had some pizza and a dip in the pool with her and Aunt Camille and Caitlin. The kids are trying to rinse off in the shower after their swim. Poor Caleb is not getting much more than a trickle.
We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this last month August 13 and Aunt Aubrey stayed at the house with the kids from Friday night (aug.21) to Sunday afternoon the 23rd. We got a hotel just up in Lehi, went swimming, slept in,went to two matinee, " the time traveler's wife" and "the proposal." We originally were only going to see one, but after watching the time traveler's wife, I was disappointed with the ending and wanted to see a movie with a good happy, ending. We had a late lunch, headed back to the hotel and just relaxed and enjoyed our time alone. It was great...and the kids had a blast without us. Aunt Aubrey took them to Aunt Rachel's in Lehi on Saturday afternoon and they visited, Sadie and Otto and Ellie, made forts and otherwise enjoyed every minute.

Ellie looks so small compared to our giant Caleb.
Zach is in heaven when fort building is involved. Thanks Aunt Rachel and Aunt Aubrey for taking such good care of our kids and giving us this much appreciated time together!

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