Monday, September 7, 2009

The last Hooray before school!

Becca Laing, a good sport to have her picture taken to try out the camera.

The Monday before school started on the 17 of August, we went with a bunch of friends for a picnic up Provo canyon to Immigration Park. The Laings, Douglas', Tijerina's, Cunninghams, Splattstosser's, Cook's, Wortman, and the Olsen's all came just to name some of the moms and kids. The kids really didn't stay still much with the playground and river so close. They explored the river throwing rocks and then went on the bike trail for a walk until the moms got too hot and headed back. Then we continued the playing and brought Addie and Sophie home with us after a shopping trip to Costco. ( I got a new memory card and was trying it out...Becca was my willing guinea pig)

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