Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fishing and the rodeo!

After the farm chores we were all ready for something cold and refreshing. We ate some dip and dots while we waiting in line for the fishing pond. After going through the fishing safety rules, the fish and game department let the kids try at fishing in the stocked pond. Kirsten caught the only fish. Zach caught quite a few fish but they were too big and bit off the hooks twice. Uncle MJ met up with us at the fishing pond and got to visit a little till he headed to the airport to catch his plane. We love it when MJ comes to visit even if it goes too fast.
MJ followed his tradition of getting the kids a treat. This time it was some yummy frozen lemonade. On this hot day it just hit the spot. Thanks MJ!
We were all too glad when the rodeo started. There were some pretty tough riders. One rider had the horse fall on top of him crushing his leg underneath, but after awhile he was able to get off out of the arena floor with help.
Ridim cowboy! We didn't enjoy the people that stood at the railing in front of us. Some of our fellow stadium seaters got pretty vocal.
The group after a long day at the fair, some still smiling others not so much.

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