Saturday, September 19, 2009

Animals at the Salt Lake city fair!

We went up to the fair on saturday, Sept. the 12th to see the festivities. The kids got to see lots of animals, big and small.
Some of the barns that housed the animals were more fragrant than others. Caleb was more than willing to share his opinion on this. "Steenty mommy."
Here was one of the unusual animals that we saw. A long horned goat with a pack saddle. Now instead of horses, hikers are using goats to haul their equiptment in and out of the mountains.
I don't know if the real reason that Caleb is so happy for seeing the cute baby bunnies or the sucker that he got to have. The bunnies were adorable...but not so much when Kirsten tried to talk us into getting one to stay as a pet in the house...I think not!
Sharks! Yes, they even had sharks at the fair grounds. The kids got into this shark cage, with a shark following close behind...they don't look too scared though!
This had to be one of Zach's favorite spots at the fair. He loves sharks and keeps asking when we can go back to San Diego to see the sharks again.
Bears! yes, we even saw a bear show at this fair. Their was a little showing where the bears did some tricks and the kids ate it up. Very entertaining!

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