Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All good things come to an end!

We enjoyed our adventure to California and seeing all our loved ones. We will miss our visits to the bank to see "Gaga." (notice hunter's plug and Caleb's)
Hunter's plug is gone. The kids got specially treats everytime they visited Gaga. Thanks you! We love you.
Chris and Melissa were great sports coming to see us at Lisa's house even though they worked all day in the sun before. We loved seeing you both.
Adam and Jessica came to hang out too. Jessica took the girls to the "spa" as Kirsten called it and got their nails done. She had a blast! Thanks Jessica for spoiling her in "girlie ways." She also gave us a much needed break by coming over and watching the kids while we went to soak in the hot tub at Chris and Melissa. It was nice to talk "adult" for awhile.
Hunter looking cool borrowing Adam's shades.
The last photo shoot before we take off for home. I love how Hunter is looking guilty notice the hand position to the left.
Now notice the smile on Hunter's face because he got Jessie's hair. Jessie's smile...not so much from enjoyment of the moment. Kirsten cheesarama. Zach and Caleb, " are we don't smiling yet." Tanner, "another one, really how many do you need aunt Kathryn?"
I love you Lisa! You're one of the my best friends and I'll miss being there with you doing the mothering together. Till next time...

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