Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$2 Tuesdays

We went to the Dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point today with our good friends the cook's. We didn't know quite what to expect, but the line even before 10 am when it was to open was rather long. I was impressed with how quickly we got into the museum though.

Replicas of the sea creatures during dinosaur times.
Zach is really into these types of museums. He was on cloud nine.
Some of the creatures seemed to resemble now a day creature combos. One of these was the shell creature at the left. Zach said it was one of his favorites.
Then there were the actual fossil replicas...they really looked like sticks.
The caves that the kids crawled through...
More fossils
Bigger fossils
This is a miniature setting with dinosaurs in realistic scenes. Then you could try to find things that were shown on the bottom display. Zach was in heaven.
More of the display...
Meanwhile, Kirsten and Aspen were doing an art project. The idea was to copy a tile then put it up for display.
The finished copy. Great job Kirsten!
Make a dinosaur of your own with velcro parts.
Where did the dinosaur live?...
Push the button and find the light-up location.

Sitting on the big dinosaur feet.

Caleb was really getting tired of all the bones. He just wanted to go to the "stars." It is a dark room that had twinkley lights like the galaxy. Not dinosaur related at all.
The sand and water area where there where dinosaurs and trees to play with.
Dinosaur eggs...
Giant turtle fossil
taking a break on the rock sofa under the fish
Caleb in a real smile teasing me because he sat on the turtle shell enstead of beside it for the picture.
Just another cool fossil of a dino
HUGE shark...Caleb wasn't all that thrilled...
Just a reminder if you don't keep your kids off the exhibits the wandering employees will help you out...oops!
A real baby mammoth fossil... way cool!
The discovery area was one of the kids favorites...hands on always are.
The huge pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling.
We had a little picnic under a tree near the car. The day was getting hot and still it was comfortable in the shade.
A kid pile is always a good way to end a great adventure with friends.

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Dev said...

We did the $2 Tuesday thing, too. My boys LOVE the dino museum. I live about a mile from there. We should get together sometime. It's sad that you're so close yet we never see each other!