Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Hollow adventure!

We took the kids to Happy Hollow! The last time we had been here we had 3 less kids. We were outnumbered by children and didn't even have enough hands to connect with all of them. The kids did well and stayed with us. We are blessed with great children.

We went to the hands on area and fed the goats and small horses.

Caleb even surprised me and participated by letting the animals eat out of his hand a couple of times. He is pretty tactile sensitive.
The long time favorite carousel, Caleb on the polar bear.
Zach's expression looks like he is either scared or in pain. I know it isn't either, I just snapped the picture at the wrong time or it was pretty painful for him to get his picture taken yet again.
Kirsten on her chosen seal.
Jessie on a very decorated unicorn!
The boys taking their turn on the circle swing. Hang on boys!
The four seater teter totter! Say that four times fast.
"Now lets make this more interesting!"
All of us decided to go on the roller coaster minus Lisa and baby Hunter. Tanner set with me and Caleb, my little brave man sat in the front with Zach. He screamed the whole time wanting to get off. I felt helpless from 2 rows back! But he did survive.
We took a little break so Hunter could eat and the kids played on the climbing nets and slides. I chased after them for awhile till I was sure that they could make it through all the obsticles then sat down below and just watched. Our kids are made like monkeys the way the scrambled up these nets.

Zach was a true big brother and watched out and waited for Tanner and Caleb to catch up to him. He helped and encouraged as they needed him too.
We didn't have to wait in line much, but when they did they waited patiently for the most part.
The boys were using the antenas from the bugs as guns. Tanner and his famous one eyed aim. I love it!
We waited in this line and were lucky to be at the front so all the kids could get a red car that had a bell that you could ring.
Zach has got the "cheese" going good.
Caleb was having fun even though this shot shows such a somber face.
At first when the ride started we thought Hunter was not going to like it, then he got used to it and started to smile again.
Jessie, my lovable neice.

The race is on.

We worried that the younger kids wouldn't be able to get the hang of it, but they amazed us once again with their abilities.
The dropping ride. I put my kids on it when they were younger and it was definately more torture than fun, but this time they loved it.
Lisa went on with the younger boys. Caleb wasn't a fan. Can you tell?

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