Sunday, August 1, 2010

San Jose Trip

We spent two wonderful weeks visiting my sister, brother, and their families in California. Thank you for the fabulous memories that we will never forget. The kids are still going through withdrawls for want of their cousins. We spent most of our nights at lisa and Mj's were the kids bunched out in cots, tents, and futon mattresses. They had a blast, but it was a little challenging to get 6 kids baithed and to bed...asleep without a little adversity.

Lisa already had her kids doing a library reading program and since we were going to be their for an extended stay we joined in. The kids read and/or listened to forty book. Then they got to pick out some fun prizes along with win a new book to keep. Cool program that gave us another activity to fill the time before the sunscreen free time came and we could send them outside.
These two yahoos on the end were forever playing and only had the occational scuffle. Mischief could always be found through one idea or another!

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