Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seaworld, San Diego CA Sesame Street Bay of play

Someone got smart and put it a place for the little guys that want more hands on fun...Sesame Street Bay of play! We climbed up this big netted rope to the top of a play area then a some choices as to were we could go walking or crawling through a tube. I went with the boys and crawled... bigger people aren't meant to do this. The boys just zoomed through then lid down the slide to the finish. I opted to take the stairs down not because I wanted to but because I was too big. There is that height restriction again. It can go both ways.
After the rope expedition, we tried out the rides that everyone could ride.This one was Elmo's Flying Fish. We also went on Oscar's Rockin Eels' a roller coaster ride that caleb actually liked. Abby's Sea Star Spin was another ride where you sit in a saucer thingy and have a wheel in the middle that you can spin. Caleb deemed himself the only one who could spin us. We went a number of times because there were no lines. What great fun.
Last but not least we did " Splish Splash" a water area for little kids. Caleb got his turn to be wet for the day. When he was done we gave him a diaper change and rang out his shirt he was soaked and loving it. There was another little boy about his age that ran around with him and joined in the fun. All the adults sat back on the benches and just laughed. Their expressions were hilarious!
Zach and Kirsten ran around the area too trying to miss the sprays of water shooting up from the ground.
Here we are at the end of the SeaWorld day! Exhausted from the walking and all the fun!. Caleb shirt is trying to dry on the stroller.


dots said...

I'm so glad you had some nice weather before hitting Disneyland!! Wish we could have had more nice weather are AWESOME!!

Pays said...

When did they put this in? It wasn't there when we went a couple years ago. Then again we didn't go over to the water stuff because it was freezing cold and raining the day we went. That was in May too!