Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toon Town

Caleb's passion right now in his not yet 2.5 yr. old life is trains or "toot toots." Toon town was heaven for him with all the trains and cars to sit in.
He was here in the train for awhile so we just snapped different pictures.
Caleb cheesing it, happy as a kid can be at the happiest place on earth.!
In Toon Town they have a roller coaster that Caleb actually met the height limit for. We had to document this great milestone.
Here we are right before the ride...still smiling. Caleb's last experience in a roller coaster was at the springville carnival...lets just say everyone within a mile heard Caleb's displeasure then. This ride was quiet. I wonder if having to watch from the sidelines on some rides made a difference. He definately doesn't like being left behind.

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Pays said...

I love that little roller Coaster!