Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ariel's Grotto Princess Lunch!

Kirsten and Jessie were so excited to go the princess lunch! All of us were excite to dry out a little and be indoors for entertainment.We came down a spiral staircase and Ariel was waiting at the bottom for pictures.
Here's one with Tanner's sprained leg in his plastic wrapped cast. What an adventure to keep it dry. Lisa and MJ, not to mention Tanner were good sports.
We were then taken to our tables and given fruits and cheeses to snack on while we ordered. Princesses were announced by a dressed up guy who sang and danced. Then the princesses took time to go around to each table for pictures. Zach does look a little tired.
Here's Caleb cheesin it with Cinderella!
After the kids got done with the main course dessert was brought out on a stacked train ( see the table in back) white chocolate sea shells were among them. Yummie!

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