Thursday, February 12, 2009

San Diego Zoo Tour Bus and Bears!

The only time that Caleb was stationary was when an animal could be seen. Miraculously the grizzly in this picture was blessing us with his presence.
Here's a close up of the grizzly. He was BIIIIIG! You can see a bare bone on the rock and fruit droppings by the rock side. Pretty impressive.
Here is another bear we saw from the bus. I didn't ever really believe that bears could climb trees because I hadn't seen it myself. Well this bear had great balance and walked/climbed with ease.
They had a seperate location for the polar bears where 3 roomed together. You could watch from above and then down below for if they went in the water. They were big bears. The guide said that the care takers call the bears into another area and then hide their food through the enclosure to mimick food scavaging like in the wild. They are very intune with what is best for the animals.

This polar bear is taking a carrot snack. He could have been on the red carpet runway for all the flashes of cameras going on. Impressive!

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