Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rain, Rain and yes more Rain

We you go to CA one would expect sun...well we did in southern CA, but go a little north and we got rain. We came prepared with fun ponchos for the kids and even picked up some for Jessie, Tanner, Nathan and I.
Then those ponchos broke and we got more along with hats for the kids to keep the water off of them. Notice we are still smiling.
Caleb really didn't like the "plastic bags" on him as Jessie called them.
We got good use out of these ponchos as they sheltered us on Splash mountain. Jessica and Adam Epson, Lisa and MJ, and Nathan and I went back to the park around 8pm one night and got in on some fun without the kids. Vickie and Mike watched the kids for us. Thanks you guys! ( We missed MJ and Lisa after the Indiana Jones ride, MJ wasn't feeling well and they went back to the hotel.)

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