Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our next stop Hemet, CA

From St. George we made our way 6 hour drive to Uncle Sam, Aunt Carrie, Corey, Wyatt, Keegan, and Makensi Stevenson's house in Hemet, CA. It was superbowl sunday and of course the boys tuned into the game on the big TV. The kids didn't mind and took advantage of once again being without seatbelt restrants and jumped on the tramp and played with the dog... Daisy.
Keegan posed with the kids before heading off to school on monday morning. All the cousins were great in entertaining the kids with their toys and of course Daisy took the initiative to entertain to. Kirsten is playing tug of war in this shot.
Caleb never quite warmed up to Daisy even though Daisy tried her best to look small and nice. Caleb would shriek every time she came with in a foot of him. The other kids thought this was funny.
Zach and Kirsten almost stayed with Daisy and skipped the rest of the vacation.
Kirsten loved Daisy the most of course. She wants or has wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember... although being a teacher is still in the running.


Lisa said...

Will Kirsten still want to be a vet when she sees all the gross stuff they have to do?

dots said...

Their dog reminds me of the movie we saw in Florida...Beverly Hills Chihuahua...the girls keep begging for a dog...