Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Screamer roller coaster and the new woody rides

I didn't think that Kirsten liked roller coaster, but she surprised us all by riding twice. Oncel with nathan and again with me. Caleb was sleeping and Zach wasn't tall enough. I didn't realize that this ride went upside down until we were strapping in and Kirsten said that she liked the "loop te loop." I asked her what that was and she said, "the part that goes upside down." By then it was too late to turn back. We were fooming down the track. I had fun, but have to admit that most the time my eyes were closed in prayer that I would make it to the end. Kirsten you are a trooper and one brave cookie.
Part of the track has to have a continuous spray of water on it because the car goes sooo fast it would catch the track on fire if it wasn't cooled off... that is scary in alot of ways.
Here is the part where we went upside down. Do you see the coaster car?
The woody ride was another one of our favorites. Caleb was asleep for the first time through so we all used that excuse to go again. It is a 3D shooting experience. Way too fun. I could've spent all day in just this ride trying to improve my aim.
Here is Caleb with the shooter. You just pull that little black ball out and aim to fire. Great fun!

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