Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reptiles, bugs and slimmy things

Zach and Caleb loved the reptile area. We went around and around it looking at all the snakes and lizard. They came in all sizes and colors and it was a challenge to find come of them. I don't know that you can see this big snake in the picture, but it was right up to the glass. I thought it was cool to learn which ones were poisonous by the red dots on their information labels. There are too many poisonous snakes I've decided.
This tank held the long neck turtles. You can see one in the branches diagonally from Zach's head or diagonally from Kirsten's eyes to the left of the picture.
I tried to take this picture 3 times and still this was the best I could get...2 out of 3 on the turtle. It must of been slippery...I guess!
Here are some of my bugs blinded by the sun!
Here are some more of my bugs getting blinded by the sun or is that Caleb's "cheeeese" face I can't tell.

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Pays said...

The turtle display was a favorite among my kids. It is so fun to watch them swim in the water.