Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goofy's Kitchen Breakfast

Here are the chef's for our breakfast this sunday morning!
Here is the whole clan of our Disneyland Dream adventure!
After a very short lived breakfast menu...Caleb opted to go to the dessert choices. He is shoving the worms into his mouth from the dirt cake. Yummy!
Yuckie...am I really eating worms...either way real or fake they are coming out!
Zach took advantage of the dessert options and took one of everything...dirt cake, cookie pizza, and cereal bar. The dirt cake and worms won the popularity contest.
While eating breakfast the characters came around to say HI and also had the kids help in the kitchen by banging pots and pans together and/or spatulas and wooden spoons. The kids loved the hands on fun!
They also helped Goofy, chip and Dale bake a cake. What fun for the imagination.

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