Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seaworld, San Diego CA

The kids were so excited to go to seaworld on Monday! They were really excited about the sharks... or at least the boys were. We went down underground in tunnels and saw the different shark passing over us. We were close enough to see their hideous teeth. Zach loved every minute of it.
This is the largest shark tank underground and Zach stood here in ahh for a long time following the sharks. If you look in the top of the picture you'll see the belly of a huge shark.
Caleb was impressed by it all. He would run from one display to another. This big tuna fish caught his attention though. Look at his expression in the glass reflection.
Looking is great, but touching is soooooo much better at least for the kids. There was a star fish pond that you could reach in and catch a star although the attendant did require that you keep it in the water and not put it in your pocket. Caleb wanted to jump in a couple of times and the weather was beautiful but the water smell was not.
We also visited the seal and had the option to feed them some dead fish. My reaction was the same as caleb's to feeding the seals. This seal was waiting for his snack. Caleb is saying his favorite word these days, " ewhhhh."

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