Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seaworld, San Diego, CA Continued

At the dolphin discovery show we watch a family interact with the smaller whales and feed them fish. It was funny at some points.
The best part of the show was when the trainers rode on the whales or dolphins like in this picture the black rock is really a whale. I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get the really cool shots. It was pretty impressive!
After the show we headed over to the dolphin tank to visit the dolphins that hadn't performed in the show. Zach enjoyed the walk down view of the tank that you could see up close with.
When we went up top side a dolphin came up to Caleb and I. I came up right along side the cement and then blew it's blowhole out on Caleb and I. We felt so impressed that we were chosen to in essence get sneezed on. Then I was able to pet or feel it. It was very smooth and cool. The dolphin had enough contact and went back under before the other kids got a chance to feel it. But we stuck around and waited anyway. they are amazing to watch.
Finally we got to see the Shamu Show. Zach was in no way interested in getting wet anymore as he was still wet from the wreck ride and stood behind Nathan to be shielded. We didn't get wet though even though the trainers noticed our section got missed and tried again to get us wet. The kids enjoyed watch the enormous animals though.


Lisa said...

The dolphin exibit was my favorate too. It was so cool to see them that close without actually swimming with them. What is with you and your kids getting animal fluids on them?

dots said...

oooo....Kaylee is so envious!! She is so into Dolphins right now! We saw a few at Epcot, but it was all under water.