Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rhinos, Elephants and a ride on the tour bus

The rhinos weren't cooperating and wanted to continue eating behind their rock.
The elephants were a little bigger and therefor had a harder time hiding from us.
The kids needed a different mode of transport and we took advantage of the option for a tour around the park. Everything seems so much more fun from the second level of a bus. The guide told us the carriers in the enclosures were to prepare the elephants for any transports in the future. She also told us if the trees were ancored down the elephants would trash their enclosures. One elephant was sticking a twig behind it's tusk for later just like we would put a pencil or pen behind our ear. Funny huh!
The rhinos were a little more visible from the bus and we were told that they are brothers and this is the teenager holding pens until they are big enough to go to the outdoor wild range. Their skin was like armour.
Caleb like the bus at first but liked to do everything himself. With him not aware of his limits (gravity being one of them ) we were having a hard time keeping him behind the bar and not through and out them.

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