Thursday, February 12, 2009

San Diego Zoo animals

Meercats! The most famous being Timon from the movie Lion King! Just like the movie; my kids loved watching these interesting creatures. If you look closely in the center of the picture you will see a baby cat that has gotten out of the tunnel home. The kids were terribly worried about this baby and so we watched as one by one the meercats came by and sniffed and clawed at this baby. I was thinking that it was dead and wanted to move the kids along before it was eaten or something, but then I saw the baby move. It was more like it was sleeping and the adults were trying to arouse it. Some adults were a little more gentle than others. We continued to watch for about 10 minutes.
We watched the patrolling, just like the movie and then to our delight, the moma came out of a tunnel farther down, scolded the adults for their bad behavior toward her baby and then took him home. Amazing! We could then move to the next animal.
The kids were always wanting to get a closer look so we set them up on the fence to get a better look at the anteater as it searched for food around its area.

Caleb had no trouble or worries in leaning into the fence. I'm still waiting for him to learn limits and fear. Anybody know when that will happen?

Because it was hot; we were lucky to catch a tiger that wasn't napping! They are beautiful creatures, but I like looking at them through the glass and not face to face. They still are wild animals.

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