Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SeaWorld, San diego, CA Continued

We were getting a little warm by the afternoon, (it being 80 degrees and all) so we jumped on the shipwreck rapids ride. Kirsten, Zach and I went down first and got mildly wet on our pants mostly. We loved the whole ride though.
We are still smiling we hadn't gotten cooled off yet. Zach is getting a little nervous now.
Then Nathan took the kids on again and I stayed back with Caleb. Being little stink sometimes. Zach had a wave of water come over the top of the raft and soaked him really good.
Here they are going up the belt at the end of the ride.
Here are the troopers at the end of the ride. Both kids pants are sagging from the weight of the water, but they had fun.

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