Wednesday, February 11, 2009

St. George, UT

We left on Saturday January 30, 2009 and stopped in St. George to visit Grandpa & Grandma Stevenson. Even though the kids had only been in the car for 3.5 hours, they enjoyed a walk around the housing park and ended up at the club house and the pond/ rocks drew their attention.
The movie Sound of Music has a song that says, " Climb every mountain." Zach's song is "climb every rock form..."
Caleb added his lerics to that song of Zach's with a "me too, me too."
Grandma likes to make everything look nice and so when the kids were exploring she started weeding. Before long she had some helpers. Grandma would pull a chunk of weeds and then hand them to Caleb and he would put them in the garbage can. He loved to help.
We enjoyed our visit to St. George. We had a yummy pizza factory dinner with Grandma fabulous salad and then a short game of the famous Mexican Train game. We were tired out from our many sleepless nights of flood control and didn't get to play long, but we loved every minute. We want a rematch! Before out grandparents left for church on Sunday morning we all posed for a group shot. Thanks for letting us stay with you guys! See you soon.


Lisa said...

I love the "sound of music" comments. So true!

dots said...

The sunshine looks so NICE!!