Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pooh Bear, and Eiyore...the house favorites!

Caleb couldn't stand it any longer...He went to the breakfast area infront of us and took Pooh by the hand and lead him over to us. Pooh was definatly Caleb's favorite character!
Pooh Bear gave hugs all around. He definatly was and is a cuddly old bear!
Caleb had a hard time letting go of Pooh's hand. This bear was a good sport!
He entertained while we ate some of our breakfast. He saw Zach's coat on the back of a chair and brought it next to his shirt to show that they were the same color and then put it on his nose and head. The kids were cracking up! What great entertainment!
Pooh didn't stop with the coat...he started bopping the kids on the head with their balloons. Jessie couldn't contain her laughter. What fun memories they'll have!
A hug for tigger!
Eiyore was very cuddle too! Caleb just petted him. Tanner wasn't sure if he wanted to turn his back on this grey creature and watched him like a hawk.
Zach just snuggled up close...Eiyore was fuzzy and warm!Zach got a small stuffed animal Eiyore for one of his surprises. This is a cuter picture though!
Caleb didn't know what this animal was,but he looked like a dog of horse so he just pet him again.
Here's the girls taking time for a quick picture and then back to breakfast again.
Tigger was just as playful as you would expect...teasing Zach with his hood!
He did get down to give Caleb a hug though.
He did a little dance with the girls. They thought that was pretty cool!
Then he tried to sneak up on Caleb when he went back to his food...this got a good laugh from the other kids.

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